Monday, January 21, 2008

I am not very computer literate at all! So starting this blog is something very challenging to me. I hope I will keep it up fairly well. I am bad at writing letters though!LOL. When I was starting the blog, I was asked what I wanted to name it. Bits of Scrap came to me right away, thinking of all the scrap paper that I scrapbook with. As I was typing it in, I was thinking, This goes doubly for me. I also LOVE sewing and I have a lot of sewing scraps as well!

This evening we want to start organizing my sewing room and putting up more shelves. I have a little attic room for my sewing and the other end of the attic is my scrapping room. So the whole upstairs is mine!!!!!My computer is also in the sewing room. Although since Christmas, I am wondering whose computer it really is! Our son got the Guitar Hero III and his Puter is not compatable with it so he is using mine till he can afford to buy a different one. Although with the big dreams he has of his new puter I think he will be saving yet for quite a while.

I hope to get some scrapbboking done today, for my own pleasure and my own albums. I have been so busy with getting stuff ready for CTMH parties and Workshops, that I haven't gotten much done. I want to make some Thank You cards for one of our friends from Winnipeg. She is in a wheelchair because of a bad back surgery. She is also not very capable of using her hands, but whenever we do something for them, she always sends us a Thank You card where she writes something in. If she is so faithful with sending out Thank You cards, I thought they probably go through a lot and I wanted to do something special for her. So I decided that I would make her a bunch of cards to use. I hope she will like them.

Well, I think I need to get to work if I want to do something productive today, although starting a blog is a BIG thing for me, right?LOL. Hope to update y'all later.

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