Saturday, December 27, 2008

I hope you all had a merry Christmas!

Here's a few of my favorite pictures of our oldest grandson. He loves licking the beaters when we make pudding or whipped cream. He usually ends up quite dirty!

This is a picture of the wreath on our front door. It is beautiful with the fresh snow on it. The wind has blown most of the new snow around and created drifts all over the yard. We didn't get the storm that was forcast though. Maybe we will yet. I hope so. I love snow storms, when we are all at home safe and sound. Build a fire in the fireplace and we can stay cozy and warm.

The kids are busy playing with the Wii that we got them for Christmas. I love giving them gifts that they enjoy so much. I know it will keep them busy for a long time to come, and it is also something that we can enjoy together as a family. They bought another controller and nunchuck yesterday, so now two people can play at the same time.

I got an Ipod Nano from DH for Christmas. I wanted one for in the car so I don't have to keep changing cd's all the time. I just have a cassette adapter in there, so it plays through the car stereo. I also used it at work yesterday, as it was sooo slow there.
Today is a day of getting ready for a party this evening with friends, and hopefully some time to relax. I really want to get some knitting done yet today. I'm working on a few projects right now, one is a short sleeved cropped cardigan for one of the girls at work. Her birthday is coming up soon and I really need to get it done. Another project is another cardigan, this one for a little girl, who is the daughter to a girl I work with. I hope to post pictures of both projects when they are done.
Celebrate the rest of the Christmas season and have a happy and safe New Year!

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Debby said...

Love that wreath! Love that red front door! Love that snow!! Glad I found your blog!!!

Debby - from the porch!