Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Diaper bag!

This diaper bag is the same as the other one I posted a while ago, but with different color of material. Which one is my favorite....Hard to say. I wanted more of the blue fabric but it is unavailable now. Sigh! I have enough fabric for about 3 more of these, so if anyone is interested, let me know and I can make one for you. I charge $45 CAD each plus s/h.

I took this picture of our oldest grandson at his 2nd birthday party last week. He is such an adorable child. A little cowboy through and through, but I guess he doesn't have much choice, as his dad and grandpa are both cowboys, too! Not my DH, OH NO!!!! It's the other one.

I LOVE this picture! I hope you enjoy it too.


Julie Cortens said...

Tina, the diaper bag arrived and I love it!! It is much bigger than I had imagined from the photos, which is good. It should hold lots of stuff. I will post about it tomorrow.
Can it be thrown in the washing machine?
Thanks again. It is beautifully made.
Do you knit little baby sweaters with matching bonnets/hats?

Tina said...

Thanks Julie, I am so glad that you like the bag. Yes, it can be washed. The bottom support has Plastic Canvas in it so it should be okay to wash as well, probably by hand and then let air dry. My daughter has washed her bag and it holds up well.

I do knit anything I can find a pattern for. Baby blankets, sweaters, booties, bonnets and I have already knit 2 adult sweaters after Christmas and now I am working on a little girls sweater. Check it out here:


Mel said...

Hi there - I saw your diaper bags on Julie's Blog and I LOVE them!
Would you be able to make one in Pinks and Browns? if so let me know and I will order one as my diaper bag has seen better days thus not being used now which makes for interesting outtings lol
hope to hear from you soon! thanks

Tina said...

Hi Mel,

I already have a pink and brown bag cut. If you want me to, I can email you a picture of the fabric to see if you like it. My email address is:
Send me your email address and I'll get back to you.


P.S. My sister lives close to Watrous!