Friday, September 12, 2008

Big Job accomplished!

This is a diaper bag for DD that I have been working on today. I feel SOOOO good that it is done. I think it turned out very well, and I love the fabric.
This is the side pocket.
It has 4 fairly big pockets on the inside as well. They should come in very handy, when you need to take everything but the kitchen sink with you when you have two small children!
This bag was quite a bit of fun sewing.


Rachel said...

this is awesome!

Amy said...

That is a beautiful bag! Your DD is so lucky!

barbara said...

beautiful bag! love teh fabrics too!

Crystal said...

Beautiful...can you make me one too once I need it? LOL

vanti said...

Hi, love your bag...!
Btw, friends gave me this blog to see the bag because I make a similar bag like you make but no pocket outside.
do you think that you can share how to make that?

Julie Cortens said...

Tina - I really want one of these diaper bags! They are fabulous! Can you e-mail me from the link on my site and let me know if you will make them for purchase and how much?

Julie Cortens said...

Wow you are fast. The bag arrived and is fantastic. Love it!! it is bigger than it appears in the pictures. Will hold lots of necessities.