Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday, January 10

I have been getting quite a few scrapbook pages done. My stack of 700 pictures is getting smaller!!!!
Of course, my most scrapbooked subject is our oldest grandson. I have not started the youngest grandson's pages yet.
I hope to really soon, but I need to get the pictures done that I have already printed.

Some of these pages are still missing the journaling. Which is something that I procrastinate with quite a bit.
Some pages are done really simple. I really love the Becky Higgins style of scrapbooking and I LOVE working with sketches.
I hope to someday get enough creativity to actually make my own sketches.
I have a binder ready for sketches, it just needs to be done.
These pictures are only from a year ago, but I have so many from longer ago than that. I scrapbook in no particular order. I just organize my pictures in folded pieces of paper, and write on the paper what the subject is. I have done some where I have looked for a layout in a book or magazine and then written down which layout I want to use with the pictures. I have even gone so far as written down which paper I want to use. This all takes so much time, but the actual making of the pages is a lot faster!
Using the paper packages and My Stickease from Close To My Heart also saves quite a bit of time when I scrapbook.
Of course, most of the product I use is Close To My Heart. I almost feel like a traitor when I use other supplies, except when I know that CTMH doesn't have the same thing.

On a totally different topic, this is the sweater I knit for a girl that I used to work with. She saw me knitting a scarf with this same yarn and loved the color. Seeing as her birthday was coming up soon, I knit a cropped cardigan for her. I hope to give it to her today, and I really hope she likes it, enough to wear it at least a few times!
This week monday I found out that a girl I still work with is having a birthday this coming monday, so I got to work knitting a sweater for her! Same pattern, but a dark purple color. I really like purple on her so that's the color she's getting. I hope to have that one done by the next time I will see her, which is next week Wednesday! Wish me luck!

I should go and bake some cookies. I bought some Macadamia nuts so I want to make the Macadamia white chocolate chip cookies. They are so YUMMY!!!! I start work at 1 today, so I have some time to bake them. Should I eat some for you too?LOL!
Okay, enough of my rambling for today. Off I go!


eager2stamp said...

Hi Tina, I just found out you have a blog so I will be adding it to my favorites so I can see what you have been up to.I have not been selling any ctmh for some reason I am my own best customer.People in this area prefer to shop Brandon I think.Nice to see that you are still scrapbooking and probably making cards too.What caught my eye was the gorgeous sweater....of course green is my favorite color.Nice work and I will be checking up on you again.
Betty Robinson

Julie Cortens said...

Holy, Moly!! You knit too?????
Wow, love the sweater!

Tina said...

Betty, thanks for your kind comments. Yes, I am still with CTMH and have one party booked, besides my regular stamping clubs. But I am thinking of cutting down to just workshops and clubs, do no home parties. I need to figure this out completely yet. I might also be getting a full time job so that will probably be the deciding factor.

I think sometimes that I am my own best customer as well. Of course, it always feels better to pretend that it is for the business. LOL