Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday, January 29

Knitting this sweater was a bigger project than I thought. The pattern is from Berroco.I was a little out of the loop already with knitting so many colors. But it is finally done and I can hardly wait to give it to the little girl I made it for! I hope she'll like it.
I took this picture in our backyard today. Well, we don't really have a back yard but I was standing right behind our house to take this picture. It is my brother-in-law's horse. I just thought it was pretty and I love horses, at least to look at and take pictures of. I used to do a lot of riding but not anymore. I think I'm too old for that.
I guess we won't be having a picnic outside anytime soon! I am amazed at the drift on our patio table. I sure hope the table will be able to hold the weight all right. I think it's because of the corner behind the house that we get such huge drifts there.
I am enjoying my new job a lot. The day always goes by so fast. Today I got really tired though. I did some baking from scratch, a BIGGGG batch of date oatmeal cookies. I also topped cream cookies with marshmallow. The last cookies didn't look so good, as the marshmallow was getting a little hard! I have a lot to learn yet. I also washed a lot of dishes and for that you really have to bend over the sink. I find it really hard on my back. But in a few weeks, we'll be in the new kitchen and we'll have a dishwasher!!!YIPPEE!!! That will be so exciting with all the room we'll have there. The bakery and the deli is all together now and in the new part, we'll be more seperate. We'll each have more room than we have together now.
I'm off to find something for supper. I have no idea who is all at home for supper. So far, it's just me.


Brandy Lees said...

New job? Where are you at? I LOVE the latest sweater!! Beautiful.......

Tina said...

Hi Brandy, My new job is at the local Co-op store in the bakery. I am loving it but it sure is busy having a full time job. But I am cutting down with parties, I am only doing my stamping clubs now.